Protect your Equipment from Excessive Current


Midwest Systems stocks thousands of various fuses including:
    • Current and obsolete brands: Ferratz Shawmut, Edison, Fusetron, Bussman, Mersen, Littlefuse, Gould, GE, Airpax
    • From 1/8  to 4000 Amp
    • 250,  600 and medium voltage fuses
    • With and without rejection clips
    • RK1, RK5, K5, Class J, Class T, Class CC and Weld Limiters
Besides fuses we also offer fuse accessories including:
    • fuse clips,  blocks and holders (1,2 and 3 pole)
    • fuse reducers
    • dummy fuses

Midwest Systems Advantage

Unmatched Selection
We offer a diverse range of fuses from leading brands, catering to various voltage ratings, ampacities, and applications.
Expert Guidance
Our electrical professionals can help you choose the right fuse type, size, and speed for optimal protection.
Competitive Prices
Get the best value for your investment with our competitive pricing.
Beyond the Basics

At Midwest Systems, we go beyond just selling fuses. We provide resources to empower you:

    • Technical data sheets and application guides for informed selection and installation.
    • Expert advice and troubleshooting support to address any challenges.

Invest in the tiny titans of protection and keep your electrical system running safely and reliably. Let Midwest Systems be your trusted partner for all your fuse needs.

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